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About Me 

Passion for Animals 

I grew up on a farm and helped  to breed and care for over 200 border collie dogs I am someone who is passionate about the welfare of animals, and I enjoy their company and our times in the great outdoors. I am an experienced dog owner & I am happy and willing to walk in all weathers. I have a genuine love of dogs and other animals.I collect dogs from their homes and walk them in safe open spaces, insured to walk up to 5 dogs at any one time ensuring dogs are safe at all times.

 I am used to meeting and setting up new clients and being a key holder. Also visiting homes to care and feed for animals big and small.Whether it be group walks or solo strolls I am very flexible to what suits you and your canine best. 

Tails N Trails 

I founded Tails N Trails Dog Services in 2015, and have been providing the South Lanarkshire area with loyal and loving pet sitting services ever since. I can’t wait to meet your furry friend, I’m sure we’ll get along swimmingly.